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and you took me to your house, among blue marshmallow cloudS || And we waved at *shooting stars*, we fell in <3 that day

Name: Ann
Age: 17
Country: Canada
Grade: uni - 1st Yr.
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Fav food: spaghetti, pizza
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Fav country: The U.K.
Fav books: lotr, hp, Georgia Books, Tamora Pierce books,
Pets: my sister...haha...and Archimedes (aka Archie)...my red beta

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



fuck you res ppl!
and AHHH


well i wish he's play the music quieter and yell randomnly less often
omg i hate him so much i swear to god i'm just boiling in anger

holy fuck i'm really pissed right now
it's been a shitty pissy night

and i'm really sick of UT right now

fuck you


Posted at 1/17/2006 12:58:07 am by Riyo-chan
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
how i can't stand being home

i have to get out of my house
and away from ottawa
i just can't stand it
it's like being in a prison

right now i have a splitting headache
and i can't stop crying
i hate my life right now
and i hate being me
i almost hate my parents but let's just say intense dislike
i hate my marks
and i hate UT

i dunno what i'm gonna do if my marks aren't good enough
i can't transfer out
and i won't
and if i fail
then what to do with my life then
i've done sciences and maths my whole life
if not this then what
i will have just wasted my life

i can't kill myself b/c i love me too much
and i wouldn't want to hurt the ppl who care about me by leaving a suicide as my last impression
but i sure wish i wasn't living right now
or at least not me
i hate me right now

i hate it so much

it's good having a blog no one reads...
my head hurts
and i'm still reading physics
everytime i see school/work i just wanna cry

i really dun wanan go to work tmr...

i hate you
i hate it
I hate it all


RIyo Out

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By BoA

Posted at 12/28/2005 10:05:10 pm by Riyo-chan
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Monday, December 19, 2005

today it'll be do or die
i'll fail or i'll pass chem
the only option is to pass
therefore i'm not gonna whine or cry
just be calm and cool and memorize my head off
just occasional queasiness













ok whining over...
back to studying!!!!

Riyo Out

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By Josh Groban

Posted at 12/19/2005 10:53:37 am by Riyo-chan
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so was that a long enough/disgusted enough blaech lol

damn it!
just one more test and i'll be done/going home!!!
but it's anthro...
so dry and boring...just like Strachan meat

i  can't wait to go home tho
however i dun want the rents to discuss school!
i just dun think i can take it
i've been doing it for far too long and if they start ragging about it
I'm gonna cry
cuz THAT will ruin my hols uber max!

pressie giving tonight
with UT friends
but i miss home friends too
STEPHHHY my love

work on wed...day after i get back
but it's all right
i dun mind...
s'long as i'm home! ^^V...*does assortment of random gayness*



i should get back to cramming for anthro

uni's hard
that makes me sad *sigh*
*sniff sniff*
ah well...suck it time!




chris went home


RIyo Out

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Spirited Away

Posted at 12/19/2005 10:48:43 am by Riyo-chan
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

i hate chem
fail fail fail fail fila falilaf liafliajlfijalijdjfJKSLDFKSDKLFJ!!!j@j@!($(#(@!!!!!!

right........>> <<
whatever then!!!!!



i'm listening to jay's new album
listening to jay does funny things to me
not wholly bad
but mostly so. . .   .    .     .      .       .         .

i'm going to the premiere of hp with emily, lisa, andy, chris, felix, and angie and maybe james if he wants to come
we had to buy the tickets online with a credit card
and sweet andy was like ok i'll buy tickets for you (emmy), ann and lisa
and we were like yayayayayayay! we love andy! lol
i can't wait
i'm so excited!!!!! huh? lol


Riyo Out

Posted at 11/6/2005 9:17:47 am by Riyo-chan
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Sunday, October 23, 2005

i just started studying for chem test that's tmr at 6
oh dear
i just found where i'm writing
they expect to shove 7 lab groups into one room
good luck

and then below us is another 7 more groups holy crap!
i think they just wanted to shove us into the smallest room possible

back to studying i go
i see queen's lacrosse playing us in the UC back field
brr so cold
i couldn't help but snicker at them
we're #1! we're #1! we're #1!
i'm so glad i came here as oppossed to queen's tho med school...
now that's a diff story right


Riyo Out

Posted at 10/23/2005 4:02:31 pm by Riyo-chan
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Saturday, October 22, 2005


. . .?






ai ya

bai bai! bai bai!

Riyo Out




Posted at 10/22/2005 11:04:33 pm by Riyo-chan
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Sunday, October 16, 2005
November's Chopin - Jay's new album! OMGOD!!!!

i can't wait
omg omg
but the cover looks sooo dorky

credits: sina.com.cn
translated by: Starylosophy -

[16/10/05]ܽתԱҰ ר111շ
[16/10/05] A cool Jay changes to a wilder image, releasing his new album on 1st Nov

Ѷ ܽרʮһµ111շУһ¸ҹ(1 0/16)Hit FM̨ײ⣬50ҵ̨Ҳͬܽ׸Լͻʫȫ࣬ ֵŵʱĿҰŻͣרŵʫ󲻷 ܶ˵ϲƿҰʹ磬ȻרڣΪԼ⣬Խ ʽΪԤƷ

Asia's Heavenly King, Jay Chou's new album "November's Chopin" will be released on 1st of November. Waited for almost a year, the newest song "Night Tune" has been played for the first time on Hit FM and other 50 radio stations in Asia today (16/10). Jay did his own image styling becoming a musician poet and announces the commence of ancient romantic chinese music. But the wild and ancient image that Jay protrays doesn't match with his first song. Jay said that he likes this kind of wild image and although it would not be included in the new album it would be printed as a limited edition poster for the pre-order edition.

רĵһҹרɵƷҲ˵רľڣϴɽ ܶùŵʵӣһƯؽԪءΪ㵯ҹȥİ飬ҹһ ĺܺܶɵ򵥽߽ij ׸Ϊ˻ȥˣȻѡõҹķʽȥİ飬Ǵʹ ıζʵ˸ܵһ˿ա

The album's first promotion song, "Night Tune" is the first song that is completed in the whole album which is also the main essence of the album. The lyrics is written by Vincent Fang. Once again, Jay's strong foundation of ancient music integrated with the current pop music beautifully composed another great song. Playing Chopin's night tune, remembering the love that has past, following the sound of the winds, heartbreaking moments are nice to hear (Not sure if it's the lyrics)President Jay softly sings with the accompaniment of the guitar and some simple percussions during the introduction leads people into a sad scene. The song writes about a person missing his other half which has passed away, using Chopin's Night Tune's, to reminisce the love that has already gone. The heart wrenching feeling makes people feel a tinch of sadness.

Сʫˡ֮ƵһֱѧϰŵֳĽףdz͵ּңרǡÿ ĸʫ⣬ʫлƷɢŨѧϢһϰԡʫˡΪ ͵Ľף˵ҲˣԵƬ˾ԡʮһµΪʮһ·еרʱ ˫˵һļϣҪ˵̳ġʫˡĿ˵ǵ֮

Jay has the foundation of ancient music admires Chopin (nickname "Pianist Poet") and Jay's song in this album coincidentally has the poem flavour. The music compositions has the images of a poem, emitting a strong literature flavour which matches Jay who always uses poet to style his image. When his record company suggests to use "November's Chopin" for his new album, Jay was very satisfied. If someone were to name Asia's "Poet Musician", Jay would definitely fit the bill.

Ҷרǽ׶Тĵʮһµ˵ǽ׶ż ߵľ⣡ ԭÿٷƬܽף첢ûͬķƬܶͣⲻȱϯϣ ܹӾϸһ㣬оȴҲһ㣡ܶĵŹרʮһµѡھ ŨŨʮһһŷУȻһ㣬ǴҿרУDZصŵӣ һϸĸоȸߣʮһµøԷͬܽףΪӪ Ϣϡʮһµרʱζĸоرѡʰġˮ ˹רգûĻDZȡеľ»ܶЦ˵ ڡء統СѾԼ˺üר͵ĽףλðصΣգ ׼˸ߴʮ׵ķװרյĽɫ˾Ҳò ģ

"Ye Hui Mei" album is a Jay's present to his mother whereas "Novemeber's Chopin" is a salute towards Jay's idol, Chopin. Normally Jay would release his album during the summer holidays was delayed is because he hopes that the music production would be done more carefully. Although this year the album is out later but the feeling would be better. "Novemeber's Chopin" is chosen to be released during the autumn season and although is a little later, the album would possess Jay's ancient romantic essence. With more effort put into his music, the album would sure be a good production. "November's Chopin" would allow fans to discover another side of Jay. Jay specially chose Venice for his album photoshoot. Taking photos amongst beautiful palaces, Jay jokingly said that he felt that he's at Harry Porter's fantasy world. Having styling his own image for a few albums, Jay took the risk of overweight luggage, preparing about 20 sets of clothings, hoping that the album can beautifully protray Chopin's character. We couldn't more admire the painstakingly efforts that Jay made!

ܽ2005ר10191031ֹչȫʡԤΪ˻ԣԤɻ ֻͲرsizeġܽ׸ʫ˾޷źͽרڣ˼ղ ֵij汾͸ܽͲװļƳ

Jay's 2005 pre-order edition album will start selling from 19th of October till the 31st of October. To repay fans, the pre-order edition will be bundled with a huge "Jay's Pianist Poet" poster. The image that Jay styled in the poster would not be included in the album. Therefore the value of the poster would be very high. The poster would be released as a commemorative limited edition in a plastic tube container.

Riyo Out

Posted at 10/16/2005 1:25:02 pm by Riyo-chan
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Monday, October 10, 2005
little gift

if i was a little gift
wrapped in a box with a pretty bow
my secrets would be inside
where goodies go
and i wish i could tell them to you
just pull open the ribbons
and my heart's story would be told
and you'd know all that i can't say

but this little gift
wrapped in its little bow
has been lost on the road to you
and trampled on and forgotten
i wish i could tell you my heart
but what's within has been broken
and they can't be put to words now
and i'm the little box in the dark corner

the little gift box
covered in dust and spiderwebs
back to nowhere shall i crawl
the things i want to say
will never be said
and in my heart they'll say
and the beautiful present i wanted to give
will never be given but stored as another mistake

why is it always the same situation
the same feeling
the same sense of loss and leaving
and i'm so tired of getting a few precious moments
and hanging on tightly and as long as i can
and then just losing it again
the same feelings stuck on repeat
deja vu over and over

i wish i could be new and shiny again
rewind all the feelings and the times and make it new again
the times just become wearisome
and each time it's harder to reach the surface again
bit by bit i will be worn down
and i wish--no i pray and hope that there will be a day
when the sun can come out and all will be forgotten and forgiven
and i can be that pretty little gift box again

just leave it behind
push it away
don't speak about it
just forget.

Posted at 10/10/2005 3:40:05 pm by Riyo-chan
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Monday, September 26, 2005
food for thought

Follow your dreams. As valedictorian and a 1600 on the SAT, Leehom had the foundation to study medicine as his dad and brother did. However, Leehom's passion was music. Amidst criticism, he turned down Ivy Leagues, Yale and Princeton, for Williams. Leehom's risk has proven worthy.

this is talking about wang lee hom aka ͍G
therefore follow your dreams
leehom is so cute and such a good singer!

so so sooo behind on hmwk =_=||

Riyo Out

Posted at 9/26/2005 9:54:41 pm by Riyo-chan
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